Monday, September 10, 2007

Send your wishes now

Everybody has a wish. Do you often wish that you're just dead, or you wish that one would feel that he's not alone, or maybe you wish that someone will find its way back, or you wish that the world will just be with you...

The wishlist will feature different wishes from the people around the world. It aims to inspire, heal and reach out --inspire the lowly, heal the wounds of diversity and reach out to the world.

You may send your wishes in a creatively made graphic in .JPEG format (not more than 1.5mb) or you may create your own postcard and have it scanned and send it to All wishers will remain anonymous.

Visit the wishlist website on January 1, 2008 for the launching of our own dreams.

Let us build our dreams together by sharing your wish.


Razielle said...

I think it would be better if the wishes weren't anonymous. Wouldn't it be cool if a person who has the capacity to fulfill another person's dream/wish does so (without expecting anything in return)?

Then, we will all be fulfilling each other's wishes. You never know who might stumble on this blog. Like I might ask for a bike and another reader might have a spare bike he/she's willing to give me.

I am not sure if that is the whole purpose of this blog, but if it attracts enough visitors that is bound to happen.

I love the whole idea. I'm sure some wishes will be over-the-top (nothing wrong with dreaming big) but I'm also sure there will be some pretty simple wishes that will make one truly thankful for the things he has and for the life he leads.

I wish I thought of it first :p It's brilliant. I love it. Please make the wishes NOT anonymous so that it's different from postsecret.


Anonymous said...

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